Camui Gackt (tjhara) wrote in siz_zle,
Camui Gackt

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I sat, watching the weather conditions spiral down past my third floor window, a-watching with an expression almost mournful as the white stardust began to settle upon the floor, crystallising. I turned away from the window and softly snuffed out the candles collected around the room, before taking a seat up on the window itself, my feet on a cupboard and pressing my face against the glass.

I wish I had somebody to share this moment with...

With a wry smile, the thought occurs - tomorrow the roads may be frozen. Maybe i can just stay in alone in front of the fire. A day off would be a very welcome intangible commodity.

There is no feeling greater than that of dancing in the snow, while thunder and pale purple lightning crash all around you. Like a giant howling dog, as if witches were pouring their spells away down the mountains. I love to be surrounded by the elements, the greatest forces of nature.

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