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Some half-brained technician at the studios managed to delete all of hichan's work from the past two weeks, and now my darling has a sore-throat from over-working his voice, and even worse, a raging fever.

I called Kiyoshi this morning when hide first nodded off, and he say's he'll be able to sort everything out whilst he's gone, so we're not to worry. I've tucked hide up in bed with as many blankets and pillows as I can find, and gave him a good dose of medicine to help him along. He's sleeping now, and I'm sitting on the floor leaning against the bed, so that if he stirs, I can hear him.

He's been having terrible dreams, but whenever he wakes, he can't remember what they were about. So I just sit and hold his hand, and stroke his hair and hope with all my heart he gets better soon.

..I think I can hear him groaning.. I'm going to get him some more water, and a damp towel for his forehead.

~ Yoshiki
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