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I have been an antisocial creature for about a month. I mused, slipping off my vantage point on my bed and stepping across to the window.

With a grave sigh, I addressed the morning in a with somewhat unenthusiastic grunt, somewhere between a Good Morning, and an I Want Everything To Die. The sky was pale, with few movements, only the faint flicker of a bird's wings overhead.

I must admit, I was getting bored with this pace of life. I had barely spoken to anybody, and had little wish to, but.. something was missing. Something big, that perhaps I didn't even want to admit to myself. Who was I kidding? I knew exactly what was missing, but I was just afraid of saying it aloud. I dressed slowly after a lazy shower, pausing only to ask my socks if, perchance, they had noticed my shoes scutter past in the last hour or so. I recieved a negative response from the items, and went downstairs to seek my rogue footwear.

As I reached the ground floor, I discovered it to be a flurry of excitement. Coolly, I pulled a member of my staff aside and begged to ascertain the meaning of this hubbub. I was informed that my dear canine was causing the commotion, by trying to tear the seat out of one of my butler's pants. Calling for her, I stepped into the circle, and sure enough, there was my darling Bel in full warpaint, deciding that my butler's behind was to be her breakfast. I called her once more, and she stopped on her footsteps. I called her once again and she trotted to my side - tail wagging - to be picked up. I scooped her up in my arms and began to retort her on her course of action, as my staff slowly got back to their morning duties.

I shared breakfast with my trusty companion, and when we were done, we went up to the lounge to read for a while.

A day off every once in a while isn't a bad thing, and is rarely without it's excitement.

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